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Starting from $40
Kids - $40
Adults - $70
Tour Duration : 3 Hours Tour Type : Catamaran Excursion
Passenger Minimum age : 4 Years Morning Tour Timing : 9 AM – 12 PM
Afternoon Tour Timing : 1 PM – 4 PM Sunset Tour Timing : 4.30 PM – 7.30 PM
Included : Free pick up & drop off Included : Open bar & Snorkeling
*Kids above 13 years will be considered adults
Aruba Catamaran Tour

Get aboard for the ultimate sailing experience on a sleek Catamaran in Aruba. Imagine Catamaran Aruba sailing with the trade winds in the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea and shining sun while sipping our signature drinks! Enjoy snorkeling and swimming along with the Catamaran cruise. Being one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, this happy tiny Island can be truly called a perfect paradise when it comes to Sailing excursions in Aruba. With attractive inclusions and add-ons, you'll have a whale of a time on our Aruba Catamaran Cruise.

We have three different timing for our Aruba Catamaran Sail Trips, and every hour is worth the experience. The morning Aruba Catamaran Excursion is a perfect way to kick off your day. As the very first rays of sunshine wash over the seascape, we'll serve you delicious Aruban snacks for breakfast. If you are looking for a delightful sunbath in plenty of sunshine, the Afternoon Aruba Sailing will be more than ideal. The best trip in our repertoire is the Aruba sunset catamaran cruise because nothing is more captivating than watching the sun go down on the tangerine horizon. But that's not it!

The tour inclusions are Snorkeling equipment & safety gear, an Open bar with unlimited drinks (including Coke, Water Bottle, Ice-tea, Fruit Punch, Cranberry Juice & Sprite), Appetizers and fresh-cut fruits, and Free pickup & drop-off. We also include an Aruba Snorkeling experience in the Aruba Sunset Sail, where you can swim with the lush marine life at the magical sunset hour. For your morning tour, we'll serve you the Aruban Pastechi, while your noon snack includes lip-smacking wraps. The sunset tour includes special bites, also known as sliders. These are more like mini chicken sandwiches and burgers. And, of course, every hour's trip is incomplete without the colorful freshly cut tropical fruits!

Last and not least, we offer free pick up and drop to the majority of the accommodations in Aruba. Our tours operate throughout the week, so feel free to plan your trip on any day. Catamaran Tour Aruba is 3-hour fun to sink into the Island's seaside beauty! So be prepared to get an ultimate cruising experience, even if it's your first or next time!


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