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Starting from $120
Single $120
Double $160
Required : valid driving license | Minimum Driver Age : 18 Years
Passenger Minimum age : 6 years Seats : 2
Free Entrance : PHILIP'S ANIMAL GARDEN Including : Non-alcoholic Drinks
Including : Guide Including : Pick up and drop off
Aruba ATV Tour

Attractions: Philip's Animal Garden (the island's largest exotic animal sanctuary), Alto Vista Chapel, Baby Bridge, Bushiribana Ruins, Wariruri Beach, Natural Bridge, Shark Bay, Andicuri Beach, Three Bridges, Black Stone Beach, Boca Pool with Cliff Jumping (also known as Cave Pool) and Ayo Rock Formation.

The tour starts with Aruba Island’s largest wildlife sanctuary, Philip’s Animal Garden, many exciting locations before concluding the trip at their starting location. Step outside your comfort zone with this mind-blowing, adventurous, fascinating, and great ATV escapade! Ever felt an adrenaline rush so high you thought you could fly? Wind blowing in your face, while having the feeling that everything and anything is possible? See the treasures of the island from another perspective. Dive into nature with speed and explore the unseen touristic wonders this island was made of. No other tour will provide you with a more in-depth and unique journey, as our ATV tours are designed for those willing to go the extra mile. Our exciting ATV off-road experience will surely make your stay in Aruba worthwhile, and we promise that the experience will leave you with anecdotes to carry for a lifetime. We know no rush. We take our time to please your every need.

Our 4-hour adventurous tour will take you around the island to the top sites, most beautiful and breath-taking sceneries our island has to offer. Do not be afraid to get dirty as you race with great speed by the stunning coastline of Aruba before your adrenaline-fueled tour comes to an end.

Tours include complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, free pickup, and drop-off from and to your accommodation. Around Aruba offers guided ATV tours 7 days a week, daily starting at 9.00 AM (morning tour) or 2:30 PM (afternoon tour). Tour duration: Approximately 4 hours.


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